Are Stolen MacBook Traceable

If your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is stolen and you are worried about this how to find it? Here I will tell you how to find, track and hopefully recover its lost data. If your Mac has been stolen or you left it somewhere where you can’t find it even if it is switched off you are absolutely in the right place for the answers to your all questions. We will tell you how can find your mac.

If your MacBook stole or lost

If you Find My Mac before your Mac went missing, you can use Find Me to search out your Mac and also protect your data until it’s lost. If you are not set up with Find My Mac in your Mac you can take further steps to protect your information.

How can Find My Mac help us?

Find My Mac to help needy people in troubled conditions. But keep in mind it can help you if you set it up earlier. And you will register your device for the Find My Mac by yourself. This will help

1. It will be clever to sense sleeping Macs.

2. Shows the location your device on a map.

3. Not only Mac it locates the position of your other device like iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches.

4. It can track sleeping and offline mac.

5. It can use low-energy Bluetooth signals.

6. It will be sending out tiny bits of data.

How to set up Find My Mac?

Unfortunately, Find My Mac is not turned on at the time of purchase of your Mac due to some privacy reasons. so it is a prerequisite to set up before on your MacBook Find My Mac. Current5 days there is a need for every MacBook user should do this. I am not trying to say your make to be stolen.

When Find My Mac is launched?

Find My Mac is an app by Apple Inc .that provides services to Apple users. Find My Mac launched on September 19, 2019.

Is the Find My Mac app already installed?

Find My Mac is already installed on all macs. You can use this app to track your lost macs and iPhones. Also, you can track your friends and all your Apple devices.

How to Find My Mac is turned on?

Following are the steps which help you how to find out if your Find My Mac is turned on or not. If your Find My Mac is not switched on do it now

  1. Go to the right corner of your Mac and click on the Apple Logo.
  2. Open the iCloud screen.
  3. Use your Apple ID to log into iCloud if you have not logged in before
  4. Scroll down after logging into iCloud.
  5. After that, you see here the Find My Mac checkbox.
  6. If the checkbox is not ticked tick it.
  7. In this way, the Find My Mac is turned on.

It is free to turn on Find My Mac, but once you do this, it is good for you. You do not need to worry about that unless you get your Mac in the taxi or someone puts down your Mac.

In the next steps, I will tell you what can you do with the help of Find My Mac if your Mac is stolen or missing.

How to use Find My Mac to trace your MacBook?

The very first and most important step is that relax because only you know that your MacBook is stolen or missing. So take a long breath because here is the solution to how to find yours, Mac.

  • Call the police first because they know very well what can do in this situation.
  • They also tell you the use of powers given to you by Find My Mac.
  • But they will also discourage you to go in the wrong way and that is good advice.
  • Here are two steps to find your Mac first log into iCloud on a web browser on your Mac.
  • Use can either use Find My Mac on another device like iPhone or iPad.
  • Log in with your Apple account
  • Click on the Find iPhone tab
  • This file is renamed Find My Mac with Find iPhone there is a reason for this.
  • Here is a map that shows you your all devices nearby.
  • You can zoom out on the map to find out your device
  • Click on all devices and you can see information about all your devices.

Below you can see a box where you can see whether your device is online or offline and also about its last contact.

Play Sound: If the play sound is turned on you can find your Mac if it is nearby.

Lock: It is a good option for you if you lock your Mac it is remote control and it will shut down and set a four-digit password. It is up to you what type of passcode you enter. Remember that you don’t want to take any risks with the data.

Erase Mac: It also best because your privacy is always matters. You choose Erase Mac before your identity and private data falling into wrong hands.

How to find Mac if Mac is offline?

When Find My Mac works out in September 2019, it will mean it is probable to locate a Mac without it being linked to the web and online because all that is obligatory is for Bluetooth to be spreading. However, if your Mac is switched off or the battery low you can’t able notice it.

In that case, you have the possibility of Alert when Mac is turned on, in this case, you get an alert when it connects to the web.

But still have the options Play Sound, Lock, and Erase but those actions perform when Mac is switched on again.

If you can not set up Find My Mac?

Find My Mac is the only app that provides the services through which you can locate and trace your lost Mac. If you are not set up Find My Mac before your Mac was lost, or you can’t locate it. Following are the steps that help us to protect your data.

  • The first thing Change your Apple ID password to stop anyone from opening your iCloud data or using other services.
  • Change your other account passwords like email, banking, and social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Report your lost or stolen Mac to the local police. They might search for your serial number. You can find of this information in the box or receipt you receive at the time of purchase of your Mac.

How to Find My Mac with iPhone

If you do have not Mac or PC to search out your device and you have an iPhone then

  • Log into your iPhone your Find iPhone using your Apple ID and log in. It finds all the Apple devices.
  • Here you find out all the Apple devices like iPhones, iPods, Apple Watches, and other devices associated with your account.
  • Here is a map and hopefully here you find your missing Mac.

What do thieves do with it?

Your MacBook can be stolen on the street at work, on public transport, here, or at school. These are the places where your device can be stolen, but the most likely of them are on public transport. The most popular place where thieves sell these devices is Pawnshops and can easily spend the money earned from it.

Once your laptop is stolen, the thief will try to sell it as quickly as possible, so he will sell it to the highest bidder at the time. As we see the stolen items are recovered after a few years because the thieves sell them on the black market and the black market shuts it down further.

Can a stolen MacBook be blacklisted?

Apple does not blacklist the serial number of its devices because the Apple company continues to track stolen devices. As far as I know, there are apparently websites that check if an item has been reported stolen before buying it.

Can a MacBook be tracked after a factory reset?

Yes, each device has a manufacturing code for networking.

Can Apple track a new stolen MacBook?

Yes, it can be traced by serial number. Apple has a record of what they sell and they attach a serial number to it

What do thieves do with stolen MacBooks?

Once thieves steal a laptop, they try to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so they sell it to the street or to any place where they can get a good price for it.


  1. If your laptop is stolen the very first thing is to report it to the police. Make sure they start searching for it.
  2. Make contact with your financial institutions. Freeze your cards and bank accounts etc and get the new one.
  3. Change your site’s passwords.
  4. Find My Mac is the only App through which you can find your device. So make sure you turn on Find My Mac App.

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