Are Accessories Bad for MacBook?

The MacBook is a beautiful machine, but it’s no fewer chances of damage than other laptops out there. Basically, its body is made of aluminum so when damaged it looks worse than other devices. By taking timely precautions, you can save your loved MacBook from harm.

In this article, we will tell you which accessories can be helpful for your MacBook and which accessories can be safe for your Mac one in the long run. Let’s get started.

Apply an Apple screen protector to prevent scratches

Apple MacBook has a beautiful screen, so it is important to have a good protector on it to protect it from scratches.

After our discussion and experience, it has come to light that the MacBook keyboard leaves its marks on the screen and these marks do not disappear. And this is one of Apple’s flaws. But the solution is that if you apply one screen protector, you can easily replace it with another one.

Use the keyboard cover and body cover

Although the keyboard of the MacBook is very well designed, after the screen, the biggest damage department is the keyboard and the keyboard chips. Here we tell you how you can protect them.

First of all, avoid placing your Mac in a position that increases the risk of it falling.

How can you protect the keyboard?

Your keyboard keys don’t get damaged easily, but if you accidentally drop something liquid or something else on it, it might get damaged. The easiest way to avoid all of this is to use your keyboard cover or keyguard.

By using these, you can prevent dust, dirt, hair, or other small particles from getting into your Mac keyboard. Because such things can affect your typing experience. Many people damage their Mac screen because they don’t remove the keyboard cover before shutting down the system.

This cover doesn’t fit well enough that I can get inside it when I close it, so you should have to remove the cover before doing this thing.

Get a secure sleeve to carry the MacBook Around

While a screen protector and keyboard keep your Macbook safe, a bag and sleeve are also essential for transporting your Mac one from one place to another.

Avoid buying sleeves that can harm your Mac and spend on things that provide better protection to your Mac. If you are buying a handbag for your Mac, make sure it is safe for your Mac and specially made for Macbook corners.

Keep in mind though, don’t just rely on sleeves to protect your MacBook.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the MacBook

We know which accessories to use to avoid external damage, but it’s also important to regularly service our MacBook. According to Apple, you can use a 70 percent alcohol solution with a microfiber cloth that will remove all the stains and disinfect the system.

While cleaning with this chemical, be very careful not to get the chemical inside the keyboard, otherwise, it will not work properly. And make sure not to press too hard on the keyboard while cleaning. If you are concerned about any damage, you must have it cleaned by a trained person.

Avoid putting stickers on the MacBook

Many people like to put cute stickers and skins on top of their Mac which is not a good idea. When you remove these stickers, leave behind a stigma and thus fail to protect your system properly.

Make sure your work environment safe

If your working environment is safe, your MacBook will be saved automatically. The chances of damage can also be increased by using vibrating tables. Keep in mind that the desk you are working at is perfectly balanced and try not to shake.

Avoid placing open liquids near your keyboard, as doing so can cause damage to the keyboard. Hanging wires can also cause damage, so be sure to manage them well.

Ensure a safe temperature

Many people use it by placing it on a soft place like a bed and pillow etc. Doing so increases the temperature of the system because the heat cannot fully exit. If your ventilation system is not correct then doing this will reduce the speed of the system and damage the internal hardware.

To avoid all these damages, it is important to keep your laptop on a laptop stand or on a laptop tray. By using these two accessories, your laptop will stay in cool condition and its temperature will also be maintained.

Avoid using the camera cover

Avoid using camera covers on MacBooks. Because doing so will put pressure between your keyboard and the screen and it won’t close properly, there may be a risk of cracking the screen. And if you are using any cover remove it before shutting down the system.

Why you should not cover the MacBook camera?

It’s designed with your privacy in mind if you cover the camera and turn it off, your display might be damaged because it’s important to have clearance between the keyboard and the screen.

Do cases damage MacBook?

In addition to Mac’s screen, cases also damage the exterior of the Mac, as repeated opening can damage the screen. Macs are designed to protect themselves from overheating.

Is it okay to put MacBook on the bed?

No, I can’t put one on the bed and use it because both sides of it have slots to it for airflow. Therefore, if you keep it on a soft surface, the cold air will not be able to go in and out and it will warm up quickly.


All the tips mentioned above will keep your MacBook safe from external threats. But apart from following all these, ensure the internal security of your system. If you follow all these methods, this method will not only give you a good return but also get a good earning when you sell it.

By the way, when you start sealing your system, make sure you’ve erased everything and created a backup. Not all of these accessories are bad for your MacBook, it’s just how you use them that can help you if you use them in a good way.

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