How to fix verticle lines on MacBook Air screen

When you start MacBook, you will see horizontal or vertical lines on it, you see and then you will panic, but don’t worry, it is not such a severe problem. Yes, it can be a complicated hardware issue, which can only be fixed by an Apple genius or an Apple service provider. But it could also be a minor software issue that you can set yourself. If you are worried about fine lines, then in today’s article we will talk about how to fix verticle lines on a MacBook Air screen.

Why do these lines appear on the MacBook screen?

These lines appear due to hardware issues

Due to the fall, there may be a problem with the screen of the MacBook

Due to high heat

There may be a problem with the MacBook’s software

There may be a problem with power management

How to fix verticle lines on MacBook?

Reset the cables

Restart your MacBook

Try replacing the cables

Update your MacBook graphic driver

Replace the memory

Restart your MacBook

If you haven’t restarted your MacBook before, you should definitely try it. This is the easiest way to solve your problem.

Cool down your Mac

If you are sitting and working in a place with a high temperature, please turn off your Mac and let it cool down for a while. Or if you’re feeling that the mac fan is spinning too fast, then turn it off and turn it back on after a while.

Run maintenance scripts

Usually, the maintenance scripts check automatically on the Mac and clean up the temporary files, but it won’t happen every time. It will work better when you do it yourself because there may be a software issue that can solve your problem. A simple solution is to do this by using a tool such as CleanMyMac.

Check the connection

If these lines are visible due to external monitor installation then you need to know if the cable is securely connected to both. If you have different types of cables, you can plug them in and see if the first cable is faulty.

Try different display

If you are using an external monitor and you have another display, plug it in that too and see if it works. You can also use different types of ports. But if you are not using an external monitor, then the problem is with your Mac screen. And if this situation persists and your computer screen is not working for you, then you should know that it is a hardware problem and should contact a tech professional.

How do you get rid of glitch lines on Mac?

This is very easy to do because doing so can eliminate many graphical anomalies on your Mac. You can simply restart the Mac by going to the Apple menu.

how much is a MacBook screen replacement?

If Apple’s screen is out of warranty, Apple will charge you $480 to $650 to replace it.

Can the MacBook Air screen be fixed?

Yes, Apple does fix this problem. The most common repair that happens is to repair the screen because it can be severely damaged due to repeated falls or other accidents.

Sum it up

If horizontal or vertical lines are visible on the system, this does not necessarily mean that the problem is very bad. Follow the instructions in the article to resolve this issue. If this problem still does not resolve then you need to contact Apple Genius.

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