How to connect sony xm4 to MacBook?

If you are looking for the latest headphones and you have money Sony xm4 then this is the best choice. Sony XM4 is loved by many people because it provides excellent battery life, Bluetooth technology, better noise cancellation, and advanced features.

If you are worried about how to connect Sony XM4 with MacBook, then in today’s article we will clear all your worries and tell you how to connect Sony XM4 with MacBook.

Review of sony xm4

A brief review of the sony xm4 is given below.

Brand: Sony

Model: Sony XM4

Form factor: Over the ear

connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

  • It is among the best noise-canceling technology in the industry right now.
  • It provides 30 hours of battery life and 10 minutes of charging giving it 5 hours of working time.
  • These headphones have touch sensor controls that let you pause, play, and answer your phone and more.
  • Can chat by speaking.
  • The headphones also provide the facility to automatically stop the music after taking off the headphones..

Introduction of Sony xm4

The Sony XM4 is packed with advanced features that provide you with multi-connectivity. Sony Xm4 and almost identical to the old model. But it has added some new features like with multi-connectivity points you can connect two devices at the same time which is very beneficial.

You can watch YouTube videos on your mobile phone without having to turn off Bluetooth on your phone again and again and listen to music while working. Apart from these features, there are many more advanced features that you know when you download the Sony Headphone Connect app, such as the chat while speaking function. Of course, the headphones will detect that you’re speaking and pause the music, which is a very useful feature.

How to control music on Sony xm4?

The Sony XM4 voice control is almost the same as the old version. Both cups are still touch-sensitive. You can control your music by simply swiping and touching it. Swiping to control volume and skip between songs works seamlessly, but for some reason, the headphones struggle to register taps.

Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to simply take off the headphones and let music auto-pause. When you place your hand on the cup on the left side, the music fades and you become aware of what is happening in your surroundings. I personally love this feature.

About Sony, headphones connect app

As we have already mentioned about the Sony Headphone Connect app. After downloading it, you can enjoy more interesting features. When you buy headphones, it’s up to you to use them however you want. Downloading this app is very important for you if you have a Sony XM4 because without it you cannot take advantage of the features. This headphone works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, You can choose any of these two.

Battery life of Sony xm4

If we talk about the battery life of the Sony XM4, Sony claims that it provides a continuous battery life of thirty hours which is similar to the previous model or we can say the same as the previous model. It has proven to be very good for most people.

Release date of Sony xm4

Sony XM and released on 6th August 2020 still works very well but now another companion has come into the market which is Sony XM5.

How to connect Sony xm4 with MacBook?

When you buy the headphones for the first time, they automatically pair and turn on. But for second-time pairing, you have to press and hold the power button for seven seconds after which it pairs. Connecting the Sony XM4 to a MacBook has become very easy.

All you have to do is follow the following few instructions and your Sony XM4 will be connected to your MacBook.

  • Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner.
  • After that go to System preferences.
  • In system preferences, you will see the Bluetooth option.
  • click on Bluetooth.
  • Your MacBook will tell you the names of available devices.
  • Available devices will appear in the Bluetooth option, click Sony XM4, and then your system will be paired.

How to discover sony xm4?

Sometimes it happens that you can’t find your headphones, here is an easy solution to find them. As we told you above how to pair Sony XM4 with MacBook. The procedure for discovering the Sony XM4 is almost the same. After going to the Bluetooth option pay attention to the available device and check the model number of your headphones there you will find it soon. Click on the model number of your headphones and it will connect.

How to connect my Sony wh xm4 to my Mac?

To connect the headphones to the computer, first put the headphones into pairing mode. When you use the Sony wh xm4 for the first time, it automatically enters the pairing mode, there is no need to hold the power buttons.

How to connect sony xm4 with mac and iPhone?

After unlocking the iPhone screen, turn on the headset, and after going to the settings, press the Bluetooth option. After pairing Bluetooth, press the Sony XM4 among the available devices.

Is sony releasing the wf 1000xm5?

Yes, Sony released Sony wf 1000xm5 in 2022. The Sony XM5 headphones are the most advanced of the headphones. These are the highest and best type of noise-canceling headphones. The Sony XM5 has a classy design that takes care of the listener’s comfort.

Does sony xm4 work with Apple?

The Sony XM4 is very well-designed and sophisticated, it pairs well with any device and provides excellent audio quality when connected to an Apple device.

Is Sony xm4 waterproof?

No, Sony Xm4 is not waterproof, if water gets into them, turn it off and consult an expert.

How many devices sony xm4 can sony xm4 connect to?

Two devices can be connected simultaneously with the Sony XM4


As we know, the company’s things can be better connected with its own devices, such as AirPods and MacBooks. But we can connect Sone XM4 along with MacBook and its very good feature is that we can connect with multiple devices at the same time like MacBook and smartphone. Sony XMP4 is the latest technology from Sony company which is developing day by day in the market. It has amazing features. If you download Sony Headphone connect app, you can benefit from its amazing features. Hope I can address all your Sony XM4-related issues.

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