How to connect ubotie keyboard to MacBook Air?

In today’s world, electronic devices are needed more than ever during school, business, and many other tasks. Many tasks can be accomplished without meeting anyone. The need for laptops and computers to submit assignments and complete your projects has become much more than the previous years. If you are working or want to work in technology then Ubotie’s keyboard can be instrumental. In today’s article, we will talk about how to connect the Ubotie keyboard to the MacBook and what are its advantages.

About Ubotie

One of the biggest advantages of the Ubotie keyboard is that it is quite cheap compared to other keyboards. It is cheap and works well. Commonly found keyboards range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on their size and color. But this keyboard works great for being cheap and that’s a very good thing.

Ubotie keyboards are Available in many colors like blue, yellow, orange, and red, they have a great design that doesn’t make them feel cheap. Commonly found keyboards are black or white in color but ubotie keyboards have beautiful color combinations that give a stunning effect to your personality and you can enjoy working.

It is not difficult for new users to use it as it comes with a pamphlet that gives all the instructions on how to use it. Ubotie works easily with Mac too, they are not too complicated to use. If you want such a keyboard, then Ubotie keyboards are a great choice, the only problem with them is that their keys make a lot of noise while typing.

How to pair Ubotie keyboard with MacBook Air?

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo.

Step 2: Go to the System Preferences.

Step 3: Turn on the Bluetooth option on the Mac.

Step 4: Insert the batteries here or hold down Fn and C until the flesh is on.

Step 5: Pair the Ubotie keyboard with your Mac using the Bluetooth option.

  • When you connect the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad to the Mac, it automatically pairs with the Mac using the Bluetooth option.

Some characteristics of Ubotie keyboard

Some of the characteristics of Ubotie keyboards are given below.

Beautiful and colorful

Many people choose Ubotie keyboards also because they look wonderful and colorful and match well with their desktops. Ubotie keyboards available in purples, pinks, yellows, and greens are a beautiful combination of colors like a rainbow and match everyone’s Mac.

Comfortable to use

We don’t mean to say that Ubotie is the most comfortable of all keyboards, but when you use it, you’ll get used to everything after using it for a while. Ubotie keyboards are compatible with Mac.

Reasonable price

Ubotie keyboards are available at affordable prices and are perfect for college students as well. We can say that they provide both functional and comfortable features.


Personally, Ubotie keyboards are my favorite and I enjoy using them a lot. Firstly, they match my MacBook very well and add color to the environment. Secondly, they are very reasonably priced. And I quite like the sound it makes. If you use a laptop or computer and are looking for something that will be comfortable as well as fun to use, then I recommend the Ubotie keyboard. It may not be a replacement for a high-end keyboard, but if you are working at home, it will be a useful choice for you and you won’t regret buying it at all.

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