How to type exponent on MacBook Air

Using special symbols on document presentations and computer programs is a very advanced and valuable skill. Typing exponent can be helpful in your accounting and math calculations. If you have exponent typing experience, it will make your document much clearer and save time. In this article, we will talk about how to type exponent on MacBook Air when to type.

Use the character viewer

Many applications have a Character viewer option that allows you to type special symbols such as exponent. First, you have to go to edit in the application and then on the Emoji or Symbol option. Search for superscript in the search box. Write and select the exponent number you want to overtype.

Apple Pages

If you’re also using an Apple page keynote and numbers, this is another way you can type exponent. The first thing you need to do is highlight the number you want to add as an exponent. After that, you must go to format, font, baseline, superscript, and select the exponent.

Microsoft word

Open Microsoft World from which you can either select a blank document or edit an existing document.

Step 1. Type the base number in Microsoft Word and also type its exponent number next to the base

Step 2. Take care that there should be no space between the base number and the exponent center number.

Step 3. Using your mouse, highlight the number you want to use as an exponent.

Step 4. Care will be taken not to highlight a base number

Step 5. Hold Command + Shift + + on your Mac at the same time.

Step 6. Also, you can click on Superscript from the menu. In the menu, you will see the option for Formatting.

Step7. In the menu, look for the Superscript option which will be highlighted as X2.

Google Documents

Step 1. Open a document on Google Docs, select a blank document from it, or select a recent document if you want to edit an existing document.

Step 2. Write your base number here and also immediately enter the exponent number in it.

Step 3. Drag the mouse over the text until it becomes highlighted. Drag the mouse over the text until it becomes height.

Step 4. Once you’ve highlighted an exponent number, press the Command and Period keys on your keyboard.

Step 5. This method will make the exponent value appear prominently above the base value.

Through page app

This is an application that is pre-installed on the Mac.

Step 1. Open the page application from the home screen and open New Documents from it.

Step 2. If you already have a page document, you can just edit it.

Step 3. Add base number and exponent numbers. Your base number and exponent number must coexist without incurring any space.

Step 4. Drag the mouse over the exponent number to highlight it but remember not to highlight the base number.

Step 5. Hold Shif< Control< Command< +. Press all these buttons together.

How do you type the power of 2 on a MacBook Air?

Press the Shift command and + key together. Doing so will tell your Mac’s operating system that you don’t want to write normal text, but an exponent. You can type the exponent you want. You can type the value of the exponent using the above keys.

How do you type superscript or subscript?

Choose a font size that you don’t want to enlarge. Click the Text tab in the Format sidebar. After that click on the style button. Click on the baseline pop-up menu then. After that, you can choose superscript or subscript.


There are many ways to type exponent on a Mac, but it all depends on what program you’re using. On a Mac, it’s very easy to type an exponent number. This article has given you a good idea of how to type exponent numbers into Google Docs, pages, and Word documents on Mac.

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