Why is the MacBook screen flickering when I watch Netflix?

Netflix provides one of the oldest and most incredible streaming services. In it, we get a lot of original content. However, we face many of the same issues when watching it because its content is original and more competition with other streaming services. A frequently asked question is why the screen of a MacBook is flickering when using Netflix. This is what we are talking about in today’s article, so let’s get started.

Why does your MacBook screen flicker?

One of the most common problems is that your MacBook screen flicker due to automatic graphics switching. Automatic graphics switching switches the Mac’s GPU at any time because Mac has multiple graphics controllers inside. The way it works is that if you’re playing a game or watching a movie, you obviously need an intensive GPU. But if you’re just doing light browsing or reading something, there’s no need for such a deep GPU. In this way, the life of the battery will also be more.

But sometimes when you are using Netflix, this feature can flicker your Mac screen. If you want to turn off this feature, the first thing you need to do is go to System Preferences on your Mac. Here you have to select the battery option, in the battery option, you will get a list of battery consumption.

The next task is to disable this function. For this, you have to uncheck the box for Low Power Mode.

Are browsers having issues with Netflix?

One of the reasons why the Mac screen flickers when using Netflix has come up is something about browsers. Some say this only happens when using Safari and not other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. It’s not like this problem only happens with Safari users, it can also be caused by the automatic graphics system.

Is only NetFlix affected by this problem on a MacBook?

Users have reported this issue multiple times. Users have also reported several times that their Mac’s screen is flicker when using Safari and using YouTube due to the automatic graphics function enabled.

Does the mac screen get damaged due to this flickering?

There could definitely be some other problem with your Mac that is causing your screen to flicker. There are many ways that your screen can be damaged, which is why the screen flickers when you’re using Netflix. Your screen may be vulnerable to falling or bumping into something.

A Mac’s battery may be dead, causing its screen to flicker. There are many reasons why the battery may be damaged, for example, if water falls on your keyboard or the entire laptop drop into the water.

Could the Mac not being updated be the cause of flickering?

A flickering Mac screen may not be because it’s old, but sometimes it could be that it needs an update. In general, keeping your Mac updated can be very beneficial as it will not only prevent your screen from flickering but also get rid of many other issues that could potentially harm your data.


The problems mentioned above are reported by users but their solution is very simple. Update your Mac, take good care of its screen, and see if your Mac doesn’t have Varus. Take care of the keyboard and also take care of the mouse cursor. Adjusting the screen resolution can also solve this problem. It is also advisable to use Google Chrome instead of Safari.

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